J.R. Rix & Sons first rebrand - together, we are stronger

Written by
Ben Carter-Firth
September 21, 2023

J.R. Rix & Sons rebrand - together, we are stronger

For 150 years, J.R. Rix & Sons has been at the forefront of innovation, enterprise and job creation.

From modest roots in Hull, the business has evolved into a diverse and successful group of companies operating across the UK that collectively employ over 850 people.

It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and one that is destined to go on for many decades to come.

But with success comes responsibility, to our customers and to our employees.

It is in recognising these responsibilities that we recently completed a full rebrand of the Rix Group to make sure we’re well placed to deliver our vision – to build stable businesses for future generations.

Of course, every rebrand requires a fresh, new logo, and we have created one. We hope you like it.

But the process is about far more than image. By listening to you – our valued employees – we have been able to see J.R. Rix & Sons through your eyes and use the picture it created to help decide our future direction.

Being part of a group

The main thing we found out was that most people working for us didn’t realise they were part of a large, well-funded group. They felt they were employed by an individual company such as Victory Leisure Homes or Rix Shipping, but didn’t feel part of the parent business, J.R. Rix & Sons.

Because of this, we haven’t been able to communicate the benefits and opportunities a large group offers people. Addressing this has been the main impetus for the rebrand.

Our mission

Being part of a group has many advantages. It means you don’t necessarily have to look outside the organisation for career progression. Great opportunities exist across our companies and at group level and as we continue to grow and diversify, so these opportunities will continue to grow too.

It means the chance to make new friends beyond your immediate colleagues and share meaningful social experiences.

Ultimately, it means work can and should be more enjoyable for everyone, no matter where you are in the organisation, and it is our objective to make it so.

In wanting to highlight these opportunities, we were able to articulate the group’s mission for the first time. We decided on ‘to create an environment where people flourish and businesses thrive’.

Achieving this is now the main aim of J.R. Rix & Sons – to ensure everyone working across all of our businesses feels part of the Rix family. By creating this environment, we want to enable our people to achieve the things they want to beyond simply working, and we are continually looking at new ways to support them in doing this.

Join the squad

One way we’re doing this is with the introduction of squads. Squads are voluntary, self-organising teams that will champion themes across the Rix Group. Themes can be around health and fitness, charity work, sustainability, or anything else people are passionate about.

The key point is they will bring together people from across our different businesses to drive positive change within the group. Essentially, it is about you helping to make Rix a better place to work and successful squads will even receive funding to help them achieve this.

This is about YOU

If talk of rebrands, visions, missions, and squads all sound isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. Underneath the jargon, this is about showing you the value of being part of a large, family group, and communicating the great opportunities that brings, and how you can be part of them.

Our staff make wonderful things happen every day in the Rix businesses they work for. It’s time to bring those talents together to set the stage for another 150 years of innovation, enterprise and creating great jobs for great people.