About us

We've been a family-owned business for over 150 years. We're proud of our history, and of our long term investment strategy that focuses on people, the opportunities they bring and the tools they need to succeed.
Meet Rix

Our story

Our origins date back to 1873 when Merchant Adventurer Robert Rix built ships. Since then, we’ve scaled our operations across the UK, but we’ve always kept our roots firmly placed in Hull.

Now in our 6th generation, we run an extensive range of business activities including oil distribution, renewable energy installations, shipping, warehousing, fuel cards, maritime bunkering - and much more.

850 Employees
150 Years experience
Living our story

Our values

The ‘Rix way’ has laid foundations for our success over the generations. Today, these same principles are entrenched in everything we do. We call them our values, and they describe what we expect from our people so that our identity is never lost.

The rix family

Our people

Our vision is to build stable businesses for future generations, with people at the heart. We’re a values-led organisation, with family shareholders who take a long-term view of our business and how we operate.


Our values

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Rix latest news

A new adventure begins for Jordans

Jordans Leisure and Jordans Commercial have officially been launched, allowing us to venture into new territory.


J.R. Rix & Sons finalists - Family Business Awards 2023

The wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce that J.R. Rix & Sons have been nominated for not just one, but three awards at this year’s Yorkshire & Humberside Family Business Awards.


J.R. Rix & Sons unveils new Managing Director‍, James Doyle

Senior Management Announcement for J.R. Rix & Sons - Rory Clarke to hand the reigns to James Doyle after 32 years of service.